We started Calgary Communications in 2014 to help businesses in Scotland and further afield have better and different conversations with talent by harnessing the power of their brand. As a research and evidenced based agency, our output has grown as more and more clients have joined us With market growth  our range of services has developed to fully embrace the need not only for People Brand and EVP creation, but also for the communications that give the brand structure, clarity and articulation.

Calgary has two owner/directors - Jennifer and Steve. Our backgrounds are in brands both big and small, product advertising agencies, digital, media, and of course recruitment marketing. It gives us a unique background across the disciplines that organisations need to effectively identify and influence top talent, and we have great fun doing it.

It’s an amazing job. Every day we learn a little more, and make more new friends and colleagues in across just about every business sector there is. 


Here are some areas we work in:

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