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Over the last few projects it has become clear that there is a demand not only for our strategic brand creation, direction, culture articulation and communications, but also for translating that into tactical deliverables that make a practical difference. These range from the ads, social, posters, stands, leaflets, digital brochures and toolkits that speak directly to the candidate pool.

With the demise of the old style big recruitment ad agency, and the people in client companies who used to create new attraction material, these are now not readily available – but the need for effective candidate communications is still there, and with a good employer brand message can make all difference when attracting every type of talent.

We have decided to expand Calgary to offer these not only to our current clients, but to any company that is looking to upgrade their market appeal and to have a better, more professional set of collateral to take to market. As we know from delivering our brand projects, there is a constant ask for postings to be rewritten and for campaigns to be generated in a compelling and attractive creative style that showcases the brand and all that it offers. So we will offer design, creative and advertisement and digital production services based on an ad hoc buy-as-you-go service.

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