Romeo Millar (the not so teacup, teacup Yorkie) is Calgary’s FD. Romeo consults on all things brand and likes to strategize from his very own stress free calming bed located in the far right corner of Arch 5, East Market Street.

It is fair to say that Romeo has an eclectic personality, many talents (obedience not being one of them) and interests as well as some strange idiosyncrasies that make him just perfect to be an integral part of the Calgary team.

He always has something to say and likes the finer things in life (hot smoked salmon for lunch). His favourite film is Lady and the Tramp and he enjoys singing along to the chorus of Baha Men “Who let the dogs out” which on occasions drives us nuts! 


He has been with Calgary for 5 years making him the longest serving employee and one that makes all of our clients smile when they meet him.