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What have you been doing for the last three and half years? We’ve been busy!

Since we started Calgary back in 2014, we have been very fortunate to have continued our working relationships with some of the biggest businesses around, and to have made some more brilliant contacts in the Scottish HR community.

We’re a small but agile people focussed brand and communications consultancy based in Edinburgh and working locally, nationally, and internationally. Our backgrounds in big brand, digital, product and recruitment marketing agencies means that we have a unique blend of experience and capabilities across a range of HR, experience and communications activities.

We tend to become involved in projects through discussion with our colleagues and contacts when they ask what it is that we do, and how we can help. Often, the project we work on together comes from wide ranging discussions, so we have supported businesses on brand, experience, culture diversity, attraction, websites, digital, social, internal and external communications, training, and early careers.


Calgary Communications Interim Brand Resource, view video below to find out more.

To showcase some of the type of work we do, we have created our e-book.


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We are curious as to the influencers that guide people’s decisions. That’s why at Calgary we spend a lot of time listening before we plan a course of action. We try to bring that into all of our work, as when you add the objective views and experiences of everyone concerned – the business, the staff, the stakeholders and the customer or end user, you have an evidence based approach that meets the drivers for success. It’s an approach developed over many years in internal, staff, and customer communications, and for us it works. Every project is different, markets are tight and competitors are everywhere, but if you find the right approach then you can rise above the clutter of the competition and deliver a clear message.


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