​We’re a people focused brand and communications consultancy based in Edinburgh and working locally, nationally, and internationally.

At Calgary we are at the forefront of resourcing strategy and employer branding.  whatever the new technology or latest trend and with a proven not promised  track record of agility and innovation.


Calgary Communications can offer you and your business the following services:


A strong employer brand, a positive candidate experience and a compelling employer value proposition are your secret tools to find, and keep hold of, the best talent the market has to offer.

Brand, EVP, culture and behaviours are inextricably linked. Our research phases in brand and EVP creation illuminate culture and behaviours and can help shape how organisations see and create the environments where great culture and behaviours flourish.

All of our work at some point involves research. It’s the engine room of our work.We call it insight, and it provides the evidence base for practical decision making.

We never lose sight of that fact that all communication is a message, and how it lands and is interpreted – it’s “why” - depends on a wide range of factors.

This is where all the work pays off. Activation - marketing speak for the process of tying all the elements of the brand, EVP, positioning, and creative work into the marketplace in a way that maximises the investment. 

It has become clear that there is a demand not only for our strategic brand creation work, but also for translating that into tactical deliverables that make a practical difference - better, more professional  collateral to take to market.





We worked with the team at Calgary Communications to help us define our EVP.  Calgary were a great fit for us, taking time to really understand our people, what mattered to them and how to translate those thoughts and beliefs into a compelling proposition which was uniquely us. They not only challenged us to think bigger and better, they also did this themselves and the final result is truly outstanding, creating a real sense of pride among our people. We highly recommend Calgary and look forward to working with them in the future. 

Morton Fraser



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