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Candidates want to hear more from you now.

If these sound familiar -

· Candidates don’t know who we are

· We’re the greatest story never told

· Our agencies say we’re a hard sell to candidates

· Our competitors are hiring the best talent

· Lack of the right talent is holding us back

· We don’t get any response so agencies cost us a fortune

Then you need to be taking a long hard look at how you present your organisation to your talent markets.

Getting it right means having an effective and inspirational EVP – what it’s really like to work in your business and not what candidates hear second and third hand from out of date information.

Today’s talent market is exceptionally tight so trying to find and engage with top talent in the market is challenging to say the least. It’s the reason why at Calgary we are seeing a sharp increase in enquiries about either refreshing current EVPs post Covid, or creating one to improve perceptions in the marketplace. It is becoming a top focus for Recruitment and HR professionals as it is becoming increasingly obvious that without an aspirational and compelling EVP you simply will be left behind.

At Calgary Communications we have developed a 5 point EVP health check that has been designed specifically to address this issue and to help you to realign your offer with the markets today. With extensive experience in EVP and people communications, we are here to help. Mail us or call for your EVP healthcheck now. or Steve on 07712 873427

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